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Day 65

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hillbilly golf Thanksgiving is a time to be with family,
and even when the day is celebrated late
we enjoy good food together,
followed by games,
including- Tailgate Toss
and Hillbilly Golf.


Day 64

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dog in hat

Day 63

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Lickington turns 2
Whoops- great birthday for my dog. (Not that I am the type of person to throw a party for a dog, but I would have liked to give her a new toy or chew. Mostly I really would have not left her out in the rain all day.)

Happy 2nd Birthday Lily Lou Lickington.
Can not imagine life without your furry butt.

Day 62

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Challenge- What relaxes you?
Rainy Days
The weather report said rain
but in this state its often a lie.
This morning though
the clouds and rain
as the sun rose
covered the world in
the most brilliant
The glow reflected
on wet city streets.
sunset The sunset was lovely as well
the sky was so clear,
the rain and wind
had washed away
the pollution
and left only
bright blue.

Day 61

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Challenge- What relaxes you?
Hanging laundry on the clothesline.

on the line
On laundry day
to relax
I take my time
and hang the
clothes out
on the line.
My mind wanders
as my hands
do the task,
no thought needed
because this is
part of me,
part of my past.
Repetition slow
and steady,
as the breeze blows
and my mind
is free.

Day 60

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yellow girl
5 months with my
and I finally
to learn
how to use
the functions.
Just have to
keep trying
until my photos
are as beautiful
as the rest of yours.

Day 59

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birthday flowers
You are so far away
and yet your
extends the thousands
of miles that keep us
You sent me flowers
through a good friend,
and with that,
all the love
that you have
and all that love
fills me.
And for a moment
we connect
and for a moment,
we are